CaraPro® wood products are developed for the dramatic enhancement of your property. Now you can show-case all of your property’s highlights and do it inexpensively while protecting them from the ravages of weather.

You can do the job quickly, in a single coating and not lose the original texture either (the sealer or stain does NOT lay on-top) .

  • CaraPro creates a breathable barrier to water
  • Dries in 15-30 minutes and can withstand rain after just 90 minutes of being coated
  • Can be applied ot high humidity environments such as Houston, Louisana and Florida
  • Can be applied to wood with high moisture contents up to 30%, unlike our competitors who are limited to moisture levels of 12-16%
  • It not as susceptible to ware and tear due to its penetration into the wood
  • It can last generally lasts longer than competitors due to our insolubility in water and the sealers natural resistance to UV damage
  • The sealer can also be infused with UV protectors, pigments and other additives to create a broad range of stains
  • Those colored pigments are locked in place which prolongs the durability
  • Please look to our color chart for examples of our most popular colors