Property Managers

Don’t settle for Old, Ugly or Rotting Wood

Do the Right Thing, the First Time, Every Time and do it with Class!


What would the financial impact be to your P&L if you could extend the replacement cost of fencing, patios, decks or boardwalks by an additional 4-6 yrs.?

Or keep the fencing uniformed in color “Including” natural finish through-out the property while preventing water and rot from detracting from your hard work to make and keep your property superior to your competitors?  Eliminate those nasty encounters with home-owners who complain about the never-ending cost of reapplying a sealer every 1-2 years or choosing a sealer that is truly CLEAR.

Now you can quit spending thousands of dollars each year to replace and repair fencing and other wood items on your property and start planning on how you can best use those extra dollars for other property improvements.  Even the cost of time for upkeep and replacement can easily cause you heartache – so start off with the right product and eliminate the losses.

So as an example, if you apply our Clear Seal or Stain with our product CaraPro to your fencing, we’ll increases the life expectancy of a fence by an “Additional” 4-6 years & we Cost less to begin with!  How much easier can it be than to simply instruct your contractors or maintenance crews to use CaraPro when caring for your wood investments?

That’s why as a member of “CAI” Community Associations Institute we want to show you how to Reduce your cost & Increase your options.


Protects wood from water and erosion but also acts as a “self-healer”

  • • Will not wash away over time, unlike many of our competitors.
  • • Act as a containment preventing other products from leaching out.  
  • • No more power washing, sanding and scraping old finishes off to turn around and reapply a new coating
  • • No ugly or discolored / nasty aging appearances
  • • Our products are environmentally safe and support sustainability efforts by extending the life of the materials being protected.
  • • Non – slip, chose of color and natural finish
  • • Environmentally Friendly