General Questions

How durable is the product?

It is considerably more durable than our competitors.The the coating is absorbed into the material and does not sit on top of the surface finish. The more material absorbed into the material, the deeper the penetration.

Can I get CaraPro in different colors / stains?

Yes, we can provide a variety of colors and offer color-matching for larger orders.

How easy is the product to apply?

Very easy, by roller, brush or spray-on. Because you simply cannot overcoat using our material, it is very easy to apply. Different surfaces call for different applications, but all are fast and efficient.

How often would I have to re-apply?

We recommend you reapply as needed depending on the applications below:
Indoor Grout:
  • • We recommend retreating the surface area up to every four to seven years.

  Exterior Grout and Concrete:
  • • We recommend up to three to five years on grout whereas concrete may last much longer.

  • • We recommend: 3-7 years to maintain the level of protection 3 years to protect the natural beauty of wood

Will the product cause my tile or other walkways to be slippery?

No, as a penetrating sealer, it is absorbed into the material and does not sit on top of the surface.

Is the product toxic to humans or animals?

As with any other chemical, proper caution must be used with application. However, no heavy metals are used in the material.