What is your company’s “Value-Add”?  If its “just” money does that mean you’re willing to make less?

How about offering more, working less and earn even more?

Do the Right Thing, the First Time, Every Time and do it with Class!

How would your company’s success rate be affected by using a family of products that out-last “ALL” the competition by years and brings yet another “Value-Added” feature to your finished work!  Oh’ – and do it cheaper so you can win bids from business-owners and home-owners while providing not just good margins BUT extra margins!

Imagine that you can advertise that your sealer will out-last every sealer / stain on the market and even allow you to coat in every color known to man as well as in a natural finish “Clear” coating!  HOA’s anyone?

With only a single-coating required (spray, roll or brush application), you can apply CaraPro quickly and easily – even in bad or unpredictable weather. Another advantage is that you can apply to newly built, grayed or aged fencing – no more waiting for the perfect weather or wood to season. Average area covered per gallon is 300 Sq.Ft. ( Really ) Imagine the savings in labor & the time!

Our products dry in 10-15 minutes and doesn’t take away the appearance of the wood ( depending on the color of the stain chosen ) – so you can now offer your customers a real choice when competing against other contractors. Completely finish the job the first time – no going back!


Protects wood from water and erosion but also acts as a “self-healer”

  • • Acts as a “self-healer” perfect for aged and existing fences.
  • • Will not wash away over time, unlike other competitors.
  • • No more power washing, sanding and scraping old finishes off before reapplying a new coating
  • • No ugly or discolored / nasty aging appearances
  • • Environmentally safe and we support sustainability efforts by extending the useful life of the materials being protected.
  • • Non–slip, choice of unlimited colors or clear coat for a natural finish - touch included.