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Don’t settle for Old, Ugly or Rotting Wood

Do the Right Things Right, the First Time, Every time and do it with Class!

What would you do if you didn’t have to concern yourself with the annoying questions of – do I need to power wash the fence and the deck again this year, can I get that ugly mold and fungus growth off the patio furniture, should I recoat the Pergola again this year- with the same sealer, do I have the time or do I even want to reapply another protective coating on the boat dock or just accept the cost of replacing or repairing what I lose every few years due to the weather conditions?
Wood clear coats and endless choices of color stain selections are a great way to have and enjoy your investments for years and years without having to spend money, time and worry.
Fencing, Patio Decks, Boardwalks, Boat Docks, Boathouses, Garden Structures, Pergolas, Gazebos and anything else that deserves to be around for years to come. Quit spending money and time every year when you can get a worry free Summer – Winter & Fall for years to come!

Protects wood from the effects of exposure to water and erosion but also acts as a “self-healer”


  • • No more annual expense to purchase wood sealers
  • • No more annual ritual of lost weekends to reapply a fresh coating to your furniture and fencing
  • • No more power washing, sanding and scraping old finishes off to turn around and reapply a new coating
  • • No ugly or discolored molding and nasty aging appearances
  • • No early replacing of cracked and rotted wood
  • • No environmental concerns