Integricote® — “Coatings that seal from within”

Integricote is a materials manufacturing company serving the construction industry with specialized cleaners, sealers and stains.

Our products are specifically designed to improve the nature and quality of the surfaces and structures we clean and protect. The technology was developed in the materials/chemistry labs (Institute for NanoEnergy) of the physics department at the University of Houston and started commercialization in 2013.

Our first products to reach the market was for the wood industry acting as a sealer. This has since evolved in sealers and stains of many colors, please visit our color charts for more detail. Our unique masonry sealer offers protection to concrete, tile, brick, stucco and grout that penetrates and protects.

The sealer contains additives that form a mold and mildew resistant finish. This keeps the surfaces being protected looking fresh and last longer.

We have now added to our portfolio a cleaner which can be used to renew and freshen areas that have received water damage through flooding or heavy rains.

Please contact our dedicated staff at (1-888-790-2468) if you have questions regarding our series of cleaners, sealers and stains.