Integricote™ — “Coatings that seal from within”



Integricote is an environmentally friendly, materials company that manufactures sealers for a variety of surfaces using Fluorine-free and non-perfluorocarbonated surfactants. We have applied decades of knowledge and expertise in nanoscience and product development. It is from our unique understanding of nanomaterials that we have been able to create a highly effective solution. In essence we control the nanomaterials by designing them to disperse in a liquid and upon drying they interact with each other in a very complex manner forming a “macroscale interpenetrating network” to yield the desired properties for the material of choice.

Our line of CaraPro™ products reduces the interaction of water with a wide range of materials including wood, masonry / concrete, fabrics and glass. They are more effective, environmentally friendly and economical than other coatings on the market for a wide range of applications

The Integricote™ Difference

  • Unlike the majority of our competitors, we use molecules, which enables our product to better penetrate surfaces and then create a “network” that seals and protects from within.
  • Our product does not sit on top of the surface, users cannot overcoat, and any excess during application is absorbed.
  • Based on a unique and  proprietary formula our coatings dry quicker than our competitors’, usually within 15 minutes after application.


Integricote was born out of the need to solve issues in the field of surface treatments, originally in solar, as one of the primary challenges to the widespread adoption of the technology is maintenance.

As we began developing a solution, we recognized that the majority of the hydrophobic products currently available contain dangerous surfactant perfluorocarbons such as PFOS and PFOA, most of which will be eliminated from use by major corporations as agreed with the EPA at the end of 2015 (http://www.epa.gov/oppt/pfoa/).

After years of research, the Integricote™ technology was developed and our first coatings and sealers were born. It was a very thin, two-dimensional, transparent layer of protection, that when applied to the glass using a proprietary process, caused it to repel water (and salt water) at such a velocity, it took dirt with it as it rolled off the surface.

Soon our team transitioned to an even more innovative fluorocarbon-free technology which could be applied to most surfaces in a three-dimensional network and not just on the surface. After years of testing and perfecting, Integricote now has more than a dozen coatings for hundreds of applications, both for residential with our CaraHome™ line of products, and our CaraPro™ line for commercial use.

The possibilities are now almost endless, as we have the ability to cover the majority of surfaces in textiles, masonry and wood.